A new study shows eating one single hot dog can take away 36 minutes off your life.
[Photo by A.Currell/Creative Commons License]

Could hot dogs shorten your life span? A recent study seems to suggest that it is possible.

According to University of Michigan researchers, eating one peanut butter and jelly sandwich could add 33 minutes to your life while eating one hot dog shortens your life by 36 minutes.

The recent study ranked 5,800 various foods according to how their nutritional value correlates to various human diseases.

The Health Nutritional Index reveals that beef, processed meat, pork, lamb, cheese, and sugar-based drinks cause the most healthy minutes lost, while nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provide the most healthy minutes gained.

The Health Nutritional Index is based on harmful health effects tracked by a 2016 Global Burden of Disease study and information regarding foods’ nutritional and environmental impact.

Aside from pushing for more conscious diets, the University of Michigan researchers behind the index note that the argument for plant-based versus animal-based foods cannot be generalized.


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