Australian surfer dies from catastrophic injuries after vicious SHARK attack
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/NSW Ambulance]

According to NSW (New South Wales) Ambulance, a shark fatally attacked a man at Australia’s Emerald Beach on Sunday as locals celebrated Father Day (September 5).

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter med-team was dispatched to the scene.

At the same time, several bystanders and local surfers tried to resuscitate the man who suffered extensive injuries from the shark attack, according to NSW ambulance inspector Chris Wilson.

Unfortunately, the man succumbed to his wounds, according to The Guardian. He has not been named publicly.

MailOnline reported that the man lost an arm in the attack and suffered large lacerations to his back.

The shark attack happened off Emerald and Shelly beaches, about 300 miles north of Sydney Harbor.

“Yeah, it will change the fabric a little bit for a little while in Emerald Beach, that’s for sure,” Witness Aaron Armstrong, according to the AP.

While NSW (New South Wales) is still under lockdown due to the coronavirus, people are still allowed to leave their residences to exercise, which includes swimming.


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