Bees from a 100-pound beehive attack six people in Arizona, one person killed, two hospitalized, authorities say
[Photo by Alexander Kirchmair/Creative Commons License]

Authorities in Tucson, Arizona, say that a swarm of bees that came from a 100-pound open beehive attacked and killed a man while seriously injuring two other people Thursday afternoon. 

애리조나주 투손에 있는 당국은 100파운드의 벌집에서 나온 꿀벌 떼가 목요일 오후 한 남자를 공격해 숨지고 다른 2명이 중상을 입었다고 밝혔습니다.

The Northwest Fire District was called about a swarm of bees in a tree inside a home’s backyard. They say three people passing through the area were stung hundreds of times, with one of them dying from his injuries. 

Northwest Fire District는 집 뒤뜰 안의 나무에 있는 꿀벌 떼에 대해 불려졌습니다. 이 지역을 지나던 3명이 수백 번 찔렸고 그 중 한 명은 부상으로 사망했다고 한다

Three firefighters were also stung around 60 times and were treated and released from a nearby hospital. 

소방대원 3명도 60여 발의 칼에 찔려 인근 병원에서 치료를 받고 퇴원했다.

In a Facebook post, police said that bee handlers exterminated most of the bees and destroyed the hive. 

경찰은 페이스북 게시물에서 꿀벌 취급자들이 대부분의 꿀벌을 박멸하고 벌집을 파괴했다고 밝혔다.

“There are still bees lingering in the area, so please continue to use caution.” 

"아직도 해당 지역에 벌들이 맴돌고 있으니 계속해서 조심해 주세요."

From 2000–2017, a total of 1,109 died from hornet, wasp, and bee stings, for an annual average of 62 deaths, the CDC reported in 2019.


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