Bear Lake Tahoe

VIDEO: Black bear and her three cubs enjoy an afternoon of swimming at South...

About a dozen beachgoers watched in awe and delight as a large adult black bear and her three cubs ran and played in the water at a South Lake Tahoe beach in California.
Florida Man/Alligator

Florida man jailed after trying to throw live alligator he allegedly stole from miniature...

A Florida man is being accused of trying to throw a live alligator he stole from a golf course onto the roof of a beach side lounge, reportedly told police he was “teaching it a lesson."
Alaska man hunted and attacked by a grizzly bear for a week; Rescued by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter after writing 'SOS' on top of a roof.

Alaska gold prospector terrorized and mauled by a grizzly bear for a week; Rescued...

A man has been rescued in the Alaskan wilderness after desperately flagging down a Coast Guard helicopter after having been hunted and mauled by a grizzly bear for four days.
Marv the Surfing Cat

Maverick the Surfing Cat not only skateboards, paddleboards, swim and surfs, he’s also involved...

Maverick, the surfing cat, was taught to surf as a kitten by his world wakeboard champion owner and had been catching waves and swimming ever since.

Ant Busting: Ways to get rid of ants in your home 개미 버스팅: 집에서...

How to get rid of pesky ants invading your home naturally, and then some.

Can Your Pets Sense The Supernatural?

Has your beloved cat/dog ever done something strange? Like bark at nothing? Or somehow track something they can only see making its way invisibly across the room? Or can't they?

5 of the most unique sharks still alive today 가장 독특한 상어 5마리가 오늘날에도...

Sharks come in many unique shapes and sizes. Here are 5 of the most unique sharks currently swimming in our oceans.
Dead Salmon

Toxic chemical coming from tires and recycled in children’s playgrounds and sports fields, responsible...

6PPD Quinone, found in all tire products, is killing edible fish like - salmon and trout, according to new study.

Why You’d Want a Turtle as a Pet 거북이를 애완동물로 원하는 이유

Want to get a pet, but still thinking about it – but not sure if the traditional dog or cat may be your thing? Maybe get something a little more “exotic”, but not a “Joe Exotic” type of pet that would break your bank account? Well, maybe a turtle will do!

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