California Father Harassed By Stranger Over His Child's Dinosaur Flag Hung In Front Of Their Home, Cars Vandalized
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: ABC7]

Surveillance footage captured the moment a random man pulled up to a San Jose father’s driveway and began harassing him over his son’s dinosaur flag hung in front of his home.

Thien Ly captured the bizarre encounter on surveillance footage that begins when an unidentified man suddenly stops his car in front of Ly’s home and asks, ‘what flag is that?’

Ly, who was outside his home about to take his two young sons to the park, misheard the man and thought he was asking about his bicycle that includes a child seat and replied, ‘it’s a Taga.’

Still in his car, the man asks, ‘is that a Filipino thing?’ most likely mistaking Ly’s answer for ‘Tagalog,’ the widely spoken language in the Philippines.

The man does not seem satisfied with Ly’s response and tells him, ‘is that your answer, really?’ before asking unrelated questions like ‘what’s your favorite charity, homie?’

At one point, the man exits his vehicle and confronts the father in his driveway while his small child is sitting in a toy car a few feet away.

The man is captured saying random things to Ly, such as ‘I’m sure your marriage is going so well,’ and begins hurling insults like ‘you’re a weirdo dog, you’re a creep, man’ before chanting ‘pedophile creep’ at him repeatedly.

The man then threatens Ly and tells him he will later return to his home to talk to his wife.

San Jose police said that he did return to the home hours later to smash two of Ly’s cars windows in with 2 1/2 pound weights.


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