California Man Arrested For Tying His Dog To A Pole In A Park Then Setting Her On Fire

A California man was arrested and facing felony charges in a gruesome animal cruelty case after authorities say he tied his dog to a pole in a South Los Angeles park and set the animal on fire.

Surveillance video from home near 88th Street and San Pedro Street in South Los Angeles shows a man casually walking into a park on the night of Aug. 22.

The dog is seen on a leash with the man when they disappear into the park. About five minutes later, the man emerges, but without the dog.

Animal rescue workers desperately tried to save the seven-year-old corgi-mix named Hennesy.

The dog, whose rescuers renamed Eponine, died several days later.

Police have arrested 24-year-old Brandon Smith in the case.

According to Smith’s ex-girlfriend, Serena Prantice, he has a history of violence and mental issues.

“Before this event took place, he was threatening me,” she said. “I was calling the police station several times.”

Prentice and Smith have a son together, who is seen in videos playing together with Hennesy.

“You ended up killing a very innocent dog that truly loved you,” Serena Prentice said. “I’m super disgusted — and you will live with that.”


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