California Mom Beats Off Mountain Lion With Bare Hands, Saves 5-Year-Old Son.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: WTOL 11]

State officials call a California woman a “hero” after she battled a mountain lion using only her bare hands after attacking her 5-year-old child.

According to wildlife officials, the boy was playing by his house when a 65-pound mountain lion attacked him Thursday morning.

California Fish and Wildlife spokesman Patrick Foy said that the mountain lion dragged the boy about 45 yards before his mom came to the rescue.

“His mother is the true hero of this story; she struck the mountain lion with her bare hands. She saved her son’s life,” Foy said.

The boy suffered injuries to his torso area and head. He was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital.

After wildlife officials were notified of the attack, an ‘aggressive’ mountain lion spotted in the property was shot.

DNA samples analyzed from underneath the claws of the lion carcass yielded traces of human blood and tissue that matched the victim, according to Wildlife Forensic Scientists.

Experts believe that the deceased mountain lion’s size makes it probably born less than a year ago and was still trying to learn how to hunt food.


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