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Our beloved pets are the BEST! They sense our different moods and sometimes know when we’re sick. But that’s not all! It’s been widely believed that our favorite pets – namely cats and dogs – can sense things we “mere humans” can’t. And there are times where some people have recorded instances of their loyal pets reacting to something that isn’t there.

Down throughout the ages, most likely since time immemorial, animals were always depicted as being able to sense and react to things we can’t see. There are even anecdotes of animals being able to sense an earthquake before it happens, and they can also sense when the weather would drastically take a turn for the worse. You would also always hear of stories about dogs barking at nothing and cats staring at an empty space. They would sometimes somehow seem to “follow” something invisible crossing the room.

But just how “good” are their senses?

The way animals can possibly sense the supernatural isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem. A cats’ and a dogs’ sense of smell is far superior to that of a human. They can even smell odors we couldn’t even detect. Their senses are completely different from ours, that it’s somewhat reasonable to conclude that paranormal activity can be detected through something we couldn’t possibly know exists. They can also somewhat sense minute temperature changes outside the range of human norms.

Take dogs, for example – a dog’s sense of smell has been used to detect drugs and bomb detection. They can even detect things like seizures, cancer, and diabetes by sensing the faint odor change a patient gives off. And if a person goes missing, there are K9 units deployed to help track them.

On the other hand, cats can do just about the same thing – with some fussy training. Cats are more independent after all, despite being domesticated.

It’s all about “cues”

This is where it gets a little murky. Some people will put forth evidence that our pets can, and there are of course some others with just as much evidence that they don’t. One such piece of evidence deals with how they “react” to their owner’s own actions.

This is called “cues” – or taking “cues” from you.

In essence, they are reacting to you reacting. Dogs do this as they sense a change in your posture and scent. So if you feel as if there’s “something” ahead of you or around you – they’ll react accordingly and go on “protect” mode.

That still doesn’t explain the other instances when you’re completely relaxed and they suddenly get up and bark at nothing. Or the fact that they’ll sometimes play or cower at nothing in particular.

Like in this video below for example, is of an “alleged” event caught via home cam while the owners are away:

Source: scaryghosts1 via YouTube

A cat’s reaction to something can be even a little “stranger”. They’ll take the same “cues” a dog would from their owners, but only just. But there are times when they have a mind of their own, and quite often at that. They’ll react to anything and everything. Sometimes you’ll be a witness to them being silly. And sometimes you’ll witness them doing something baffling.

Like this one video of another “alleged” event on cam that a mother and daughter left on while they were away on vacation and left their pets alone:

Source: Happyfox Productions via Youtube

The “prime” examples above are one of the few that I’ve found while trawling through alleged encounters captured on cams that have been shared in places like YouTube. Whether there is any veracity to them, I don’t know.

And so the debate continues as there are people that agree and disagree that their beloved pets can, and cannot sense the paranormal.

The answer is probably in between the two, and that includes your own personal experiences. Because even with extensive studies about our favorite pets, some things will always remain inconclusive.

And maybe there will always be some things we’re never meant to fully know.


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