Colorado Wildlife Officials Remove Tire That Was Stuck Around A 600-Pound Bull Elk's Neck For Over Two Years.
[Twitter Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: CPW]

It’s been over two years since a bull elk with a tire around its neck was sighted near Conifer, Colorado, but the pesky tire has finally been taken off the suffering animal.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Office posted on social media Monday that the reclusive elk was finally caught Saturday evening, and officers had removed that tire.

CPW had been trying to capture the elk since 2019, but a lucky break came Saturday when the animal was spotted again, this time near Pine Junction with roughly around 40 other elk.

Officer Dawson Swanson of the CPW said he was able to respond quickly after a resident reported sighting the elk in their neighborhood.

Officials said they couldn’t cut through the steel mesh in the tire, so they had to saw off the elk’s antlers.

CPW Officer Scott Murdoch said the entire bottom half of the tire around the elk’s neck was full of pine needles, dirt, and debris that added about 10 pounds of weight to the tire.

Officials said the elk is a good reminder for people to keep their yards “free of obstacles” for wildlife.


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