“Critical missing senior citizen” who disappeared from her family’s Georgia home was found in rising creek near ravine by a chocolate lab named Buzz.
[Facebook Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Forsyth County Sheriff's Office]

A missing Georgia woman whom family members hadn’t seen in over 12 hours was found injured but otherwise okay by Buzz’s chocolate lab. 

“That’s a good boy,” the K9’s handler Sgt. Noah Sprague can be heard reacting like a proud dog parent in bodycam footage posted to social media.  

The video shows Buzz and Sprague combing the dense woods, searching for “critical missing senior citizen,” Mary Kennedy, who vanished from her home in Forsyth County. 

The sheriff’s office said Kennedy’s car, purse, and phone were still at her house, and her family was deeply concerned about her whereabouts.  

Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman said he went to church with Kennedy and her late husband, a couple he described as “salt of the earth.” 

But the weather was “about to get bad,” he said, and law enforcement didn’t know what direction she went — only that she was likely on foot.

According to the sheriff’s office, Kennedy was found “injured but alive” near a creek with rising water levels behind the house.

Freeman thanked his team for their hard work in a Facebook post that night.

“I could not be any more proud than you made me today,” he said. “This is what good cops do, what good agencies do, what great communities do.”


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