Dog Tied To Train Tracks Saved By Good Samaritans; South Carolina Animal Control Searching For Person Responsible
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: WSPA]

The Spartanburg County Animal Control is actively searching for the person or people responsible for tying a dog to train tracks in Enoree, South Carolina. 

Dan Winkleman heard the dog’s loud, frantic barks as he was walking around his property, according to Channel7News.  

When Winkleman investigated the source of the dog barks, it led him to the train tracks and a dog tied to the middle of the tracks. 

As Winkleman approached the dog, he noticed that the dog was securely tied to the tracks. Someone intentionally left the poor animal there to die. 

Winkleman and his wife retrieved the dog but unfortunately could not keep him because they already had four. 

The lucky dog is now under the care of Operation Care in York, where he will be microchipped and prepared for adoption.

An investigation is moving forward to find the responsible person, and Animal Control hopes to find the responsible party soon.


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