Dead Salmon

Toxic chemical coming from tires and recycled in children’s playgrounds and sports fields, responsible...

6PPD Quinone, found in all tire products, is killing edible fish like - salmon and trout, according to new study.
Marv the Surfing Cat

Maverick the Surfing Cat not only skateboards, paddleboards, swim and surfs, he’s also involved...

Maverick, the surfing cat, was taught to surf as a kitten by his world wakeboard champion owner and had been catching waves and swimming ever since.
American Bumblee Population Decline, 90% Across The United States, Could Soon Be Added To Endangered Species List.

American Bumblebee Population Declines 90% Across The United States, Could Soon Be Added To...

A petition has been filed requesting the American bumblebee be listed as an endangered species as population declines in the United States.

The Running of the Goats: NYC park’s ingenious and environmentally-friendly method of solving an...

These lucky goats were treated to an all-you-can-eat buffet of overgrown weeds and invasive plants at a NYC park.

Why You’d Want a Turtle as a Pet 거북이를 애완동물로 원하는 이유

Want to get a pet, but still thinking about it – but not sure if the traditional dog or cat may be your thing? Maybe get something a little more “exotic”, but not a “Joe Exotic” type of pet that would break your bank account? Well, maybe a turtle will do!
Scientists Genetically Engineer Horrific Spider-Like Creatures Dubbed, 'Daddy Short Legs.'

Scientists Genetically Engineer Horrific Spider-Like Creatures Dubbed, ‘Daddy Short Legs.’ 과학자들은 ‘아빠 짧은 다리’라고...

Scientists have genetically engineered arachnids known as Daddy Long Legs to create a hybrid creature with shorter legs.

Cats, and their not-so-silly habit of sometimes bringing you gifts 고양이들, 그리고 가끔 선물을...

Newer neophyte cat owners may sometimes become baffled when their beloved pets will come to them and offer up their favorite toys, or when their outdoors-y cats will also sometimes bring home some of their prey to their “masters/mistress”.

Ant Busting: Ways to get rid of ants in your home 개미 버스팅: 집에서...

How to get rid of pesky ants invading your home naturally, and then some.

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