Cats, and their not-so-silly habit of sometimes bringing you gifts 고양이들, 그리고 가끔 선물을...

Newer neophyte cat owners may sometimes become baffled when their beloved pets will come to them and offer up their favorite toys, or when their outdoors-y cats will also sometimes bring home some of their prey to their “masters/mistress”.
Bear Lake Tahoe

VIDEO: Black bear and her three cubs enjoy an afternoon of swimming at South...

About a dozen beachgoers watched in awe and delight as a large adult black bear and her three cubs ran and played in the water at a South Lake Tahoe beach in California.

The Depths Below (part 2) 심해 (PART 2)

What lies below the depths that can give sailors nightmares beyond a sea serpent? The Kraken!
American Bumblee Population Decline, 90% Across The United States, Could Soon Be Added To Endangered Species List.

American Bumblebee Population Declines 90% Across The United States, Could Soon Be Added To...

A petition has been filed requesting the American bumblebee be listed as an endangered species as population declines in the United States.

Can Your Pets Sense The Supernatural?

Has your beloved cat/dog ever done something strange? Like bark at nothing? Or somehow track something they can only see making its way invisibly across the room? Or can't they?
Alaska man hunted and attacked by a grizzly bear for a week; Rescued by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter after writing 'SOS' on top of a roof.

Alaska gold prospector terrorized and mauled by a grizzly bear for a week; Rescued...

A man has been rescued in the Alaskan wilderness after desperately flagging down a Coast Guard helicopter after having been hunted and mauled by a grizzly bear for four days.

Ant Busting: Ways to get rid of ants in your home 개미 버스팅: 집에서...

How to get rid of pesky ants invading your home naturally, and then some.
Dead Salmon

Toxic chemical coming from tires and recycled in children’s playgrounds and sports fields, responsible...

6PPD Quinone, found in all tire products, is killing edible fish like - salmon and trout, according to new study.
Video: Woman Deep-Fries Her Husband's Extremely Expensive Pet Fish To Teach Him A Lesson

Video: Woman Deep Fries Her Husband’s Extremely Expensive Pet Fish To Teach Him A...

A video of a highly frustrated wife cooking her husband's pet Arowana after he broke his promise to clean the fish tank has gone viral.

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