First Date Nightmare: Man Orders 100 Tacos, Asks Woman To Pay For Them, Eats Them In Silence. Upset Date Takes Leftovers Home.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: News 12AM]

Too many tacos, man.

First dates are incredibly awkward, but a woman’s ‘horror story’ has gone viral on social media.

It seems the date she met online really liked tacos.

Elyse Myers explained in her recently shared TikTok story that before she met her husband, she was on several dating sites in the hopes of finding Mr. Right.

Her story began with a man she met online asking her out to dinner.

When Myers arrived at her date’s house, as they had previously planned, the man claimed that he had misplaced his keys and asked if she could drive.

He gave her directions that led them to a Taco Bell. He then proceeded to order 100 tacos at the drive-thru lane.

Her date then said he had forgotten his wallet.

Myers says she agreed to pay, and they returned to his house only to eat the tacos at his kitchen table in silence.

The man’s father briefly joined them before Myers decided the date was over.


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