Fourteen dogs - six adult dogs and eight puppies left inside closed U-haul truck while owners drank at a nearby bar, Animal Control said.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: KRIS]

In Texas, more than 14 dogs were left inside a U-haul truck parked off Everhart Road. Police officers from Corpus Christi responded to 911 calls about dead animals on Saturday afternoon.

One adult female and her eight puppies were found dead. Five were rushed to a nearby animal hospital, but unfortunately, two had to be euthanized to ease their suffering.

Three remain in stable but still critical condition. 

Witnesses stated the dogs had been on the couch and floor of the truck. Concerned passersby poured ice water on the canines trying to resuscitate them, according to the KristvNews.  

Jennifer Banda was one of the witnesses and said she saw dogs lying on the floor and a couch in the Uhaul.

She says bystanders were pouring water and ice on the dogs for any signs of life, adding a little girl even tried CPR on one of the dogs.

“It’s heartbreaking because you know we live in Texas. In this heat, why travel with dogs, especially in a haul that you know has no ventilation, no windows, nothing,” said Banda.

Karina Ryan watched from work at Goo Goo Boujee Boutique, shocked.

“They just look like they were out of life, lifeless, dead,” said Ryan.

Corpus Christi Animal Care Services tells us some of the dogs, unfortunately, died at the scene, but some are being treated at an animal hospital emergency room.

Ryan says she hopes more people will be animal activists after this.

“We’re just going to have more hot days, so I hope that people take you to know the action to choose to bring their dogs inside.”

Police arrested Renee and Elias Caudillo for the incident. They were cruel to non-livestock animals and possession of a controlled substance after finding crystal meth inside the Uhaul.


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