Hundreds of migratory songbirds killed after crashing into New York City skyscrapers
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: CBSNY]

Hundreds of migratory songbirds were left dead or injured in less than 24 hours after flying into several World Trade Center glass towers, leaving carcasses all over the New York City sidewalk.

The collisions are blamed on the skyscrapers’ reflective glass, which confuses the migrating birds.

Glass disorients birds because they are seethrough and do not appear solid to them.

“[There is] a big pulse in migration,’ Kaitlyn Parkins, the Associate Director of Conservation and Science, told the New York Post.

The first 200-feet of One World Trade Center is already covered in non-reflective glass fins to help mitigate the situation, as most birds crashed into glass buildings below that.

‘This design was chosen because it greatly reduces bird strikes which mostly occur below 200 feet and are frequently caused by reflective glass,” said Jordan Barowitz, spokesman for One WTC, told the New York Post.

The remaining World Trade Center operated reportedly said they are installing special glass.


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