Illinois woman finds her dog hanging by her leash from a doorknob in a North Carolina hotel, police say
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/WCN]

According to the Raleigh Police Department, a small dog was discovered inside a hotel room hanging from a doorknob.

The incident took place at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina. The incident report estimated that the dog died on Thursday between 4 and 9 p.m.

Sharis Castellano says she found her 16-year-old Yorkie, Allie, hanging by her leash from the doorknob of her hotel room.

She said she took the dog down and tried CPR, but the 5-pound dog was dead.

Castellano, an Illinois resident, was in Raleigh with her daughters to visit colleges and cheerleading camp.

The manager of the hotel said she is cooperating with Raleigh police and expressed her condolences.

An investigation into the dog’s death is currently ongoing, according to a Raleigh police spokesperson.


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