Indian Man Handed Double Life Sentence For Murdering Wife With Highly Venomous Cobra
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: BBC]

An Indian man who used a cobra to murder his wife has been given a double sentence in what authorities called the “rarest of rare” cases.

According to police, Sooraj Kumar, 28, released a Russell’s viper snake on his wife, Uthra, 25, that left her confined in a hospital for over two months. 

While Uthra was recovering at her parent’s house, Sooraj bought a cobra and threw it at her while she slept. The cobra’s bite killed the woman.   

Sooraj pleaded not guilty, but phone records obtained by authorities showed that he contacted snake handlers and had watched snake videos on his phone.    

A public prosecutor who sought the death penalty said that the execution and meticulous planning were diabolical and ‘rarest of the rare.’

Uthra was from a wealthy family, while her husband was not well off. 

The deceased woman’s parents became extremely suspicious after Sooraj buried some of her jewelry and gold in his backyard days after her murder. 


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