Michigan man drowns with winning a $45,000 lottery ticket still in his wallet before he could cash it, police say
[YouTube/Twitter Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: WDIV & NY Post]

A Michigan man drowned during a freak accident with a winning lottery ticket still in his possession.

Caseville Police Chief Kyle Romzek told news agencies that the body of Greg Jarvis, 57, was found last week on a Saginaw Bay beach.

On September 13, Jarvis won $45,000 playing the Michigan lottery.

Jarvis could not collect his winnings right away because he could not present a Social Security card necessary to collect his prize.

Police were notified on September 24 when a body was discovered near Jarvis’ boat. An autopsy has since been performed.

“No foul play is suspected. We think he was tying up his boat, slipped and hit his head,” Romzek said.

The winning ticket was given to Jarvis’ family.


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