[TikTok Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: DANSLIKKY]

The video of a failed experiment shared by an American vlogger on her TikTok account to prove that her dog prefers a vegetarian diet has gone viral.

The author of the publication, who calls herself Arie Moli, assures the audience that Bonnie the dog, is “vegetarian by choice” and that she loves to eat fresh vegetables without being forced to eat them.

And to prove it to those who do not believe her, the young woman offers her pet to choose between a “Disgusting” portion of steak-flavored dog food and one “delicious” green salad.

However, the dog completely ignores the vegetarian option and, despite the efforts of its owner to prevent it, gobbles up meat food with a great appetite.

The material has already received more than 6.2 million views and about 800,000 ‘likes.’


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