New Jersey R&B Singer Jaheim Arrested For Animal Cruelty Charges After Police Find 15 Starving Dogs; One Euthanized At His New Jersey Home, Prosecutors Say
[Twitter Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: Baller Alert]

R&B singer Jaheim was booked on animal cruelty charges after authorities found 15 dogs living in shabby conditions at his New Jersey residence.

According to prosecutors Thursday, some of the animals were discovered in crates filled with fecal matter and water.

Authorities said police when to Jaheim Hoagland’s house to investigate an anonymous tip of a ‘puppy in distress” and found six dogs in the driveway.

According to the prosecutor’s office, one of the canines was found unresponsive in a water-filled dog crate and had to be euthanized.

While investigating the situation outside, police offices heard loud barking from inside the home.

According to a news release, the cops went inside the residence and found nine more dogs, who were severely emaciated and without access to water or food.

Authorities said that two of the dogs were taken to an emergency vet clinic for treatment because of their poor condition.

The surviving animals were taken to Hillsborough’s Long Hill Kennel.

Prosecutors said that twelve of the dogs, including the one who died, were mixed-breed pit bull terriers.

The singer is not charged with failure to provide care to an animal and third-degree animal cruelty.

He is currently booked in the Somerset County jail pending a court hearing.


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