North Carolina Mother And Son Duo Accused Of Falsifying Animal Collision Claims In $10,000 Insurance Fraud Scam
[Twitter Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: Observer]

According to state officials, a mother and son duo from North Carolina is being accused of insurance fraud by lying about collisions involving deer.

IN A PRESS RELEASE THURSDAY, the N. Carolina Dept. of Insurance said that 68-year-old Martha Jeffries Inman lied when she said various animals struck her vehicles multiple times.

Her son, Cecil Dwayne Robertson, 43, is being accused of submitting a false statement supporting the fraudulent claims.

Investigators said, as a result, Inman received $10,635.00 from Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance.

According to the news release, it is not clear how many false claims were submitted or how many animals were said to have been involved in the accidents.

The only thing investigators know for certain is that the claims occurred between Oct 15, 2019, to Jan 10, 2021.


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