Oklahoma Man Defacates Inside Grocery Store Freezer, Unlucky Shopper Reaching For Bag Of Pizza Rolls Makes Messy Discovery
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: News 9]

In Moore, Oklahoma, police are searching for a man who allegedly defecated in a Crest Food store freezer Sunday.

An unlucky shopper who reached inside the freezer unit to get a package of pizza rolls accidentally grabbed a handful of human fecal matter.

Shirley Wright-Johnson said in a video statement, “I was disgusted, I pick up a bag of pizza rolls, and there’s literally human sh!t. I feel violated.”

Wright-Johnson said she is still trying to comprehend what happened while picking up a bag of pizza rolls in the freezer section.

“I grabbed the bag, I felt something smushy on the bag, so I turned it over, and there it was,” she said.

Moore police said it was human feces. Wright-Johnson said another bag of pizza rolls had been placed on top of it, covering it up.

“I was so disgusted I was almost in tears,” she said.

Lt. Kyle Johnson with the Moore Police Department said, “The suspect went to the cooler section where he proceeded to defecate inside one of the coolers before leaving the business.”

According to Johnson, the man was also allegedly taking pictures of female customers inside the store.

“It’s a little bit disturbing. It’s kind of out there. We don’t see this much,” Johnson said.

Wright-Johnson said she immediately alerted employees, cleaned her hands, and headed home with her two kids, whom she brought to the store.

“I bleached my hand, I disinfected my hand,” she said. “All the way home, they still were like, ‘Mom, I can smell it, I can smell it.’ I’m like, ‘I smell it too, baby.'”

Even two days later, Wright-Johnson still struggles to voice her frustration with what took place.

Wright-Johnson said someone in the corporate offices of Crest Foods offered her steaks to make up for her experience.

Moore police are investigating the situation.


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