One-in-30-million: Extremely rare pumpkin-colored lobster saved from being a meal at an Arizona restaurant
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: 12 News]

Instead of the dining room table, a rare, bright orange lobster has found a new home at Odysea Aquarium.

Staff at a Japanese restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, discovered the unique lobster, contacted the aquarium, and donated the lucky crustacean after realizing the rarity of their find.

Odysea Aquarium said due to its bright coloring, the lobster would be an “easy target” for predators in the wild and would likely live longer in an aquarium.

The unnamed lobster is currently being cared for behind the scenes while the aquarium’s staff prepares its habitat.

An extremely rare, orange-colored lobster turned up recently at an Arizona restaurant. Kitchen staff realizing the rarity of the lobster, called a local aquarium to donate it.


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