Pet Funerals Aim For Dignified Burials For Strays Rather Than Landfill Waste
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: WION]

There are two realities in Hong Kong; that land is exceptionally scarce, and burials are extremely expensive.

If a beloved pet passes away, their bodies are usually turned over to the government, where they would turn up at a local landfill.

Kent Luk, who owns and runs Paws Guardian Rescue Shelter, is championing a more compassionate option, “Green Burials.”

During Green Burials, owners can bid a final farewell to their pets in a specially designated room, have them cremated at a nearby funeral parlor, then they have the option of taking their pet’s ashes with them or scatter them in a garden inside the funeral facility.

“We want them to be treated with dignity and respect. We do not want them to be thrown in the trash, Kent Luk said.

Joey Wong wanted funeral rites for her cat, Suet Suet, much like one would have for a human being. She said she wants to spread her cat’s ashes around a palm tree on her balcony.

“Suet Suet can remain part of our lives and watch my children grow old from the balcony,” Wong said.


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