Rhode Island Subway Employee Vandalizes Restaurant In Stomach-Churning Video In Hopes Of Gaining Internet Clout
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: SM]

It looks like nobody is “Eating Fresh” at this Subway restaurant anytime soon.

A Subway employee from Rhode Island has taken the internet by storm for all the wrong reasons.

In a series of short clips that he shared on social media, the worker who goes by the name ‘Jumanne’ can be seen stepping on sandwich toppings, putting cheeses and sandwich meat on a toilet seat, and scattering condiments on the floor.

Jumanne has been terminated from his job after the disgusting videos went viral.

“I am a content creator, I create controversial content, so I could potentially monetize my audience on social media platforms,” Jumanne told news agencies.

Jumanne added that he was willing to take a higher risk for a high reward.

“Creating controversy comes with consequences; I accept what happens,” he added.


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