Scientists Create World's Whitest Paint, And It Could Make Air Conditioning Obsolete
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: This Morning]

Scientists at Purdue University have created the world’s whitest paint. The paint is so white it could reduce and/or eliminate the usage of air conditioning.  

Why did scientists invent such a paint? It’s to curb global warming. 

Researchers said the idea was to make a paint color that would bounce sunlight away from a building. 

According to Purdue University, the paint reflects almost 98% of solar radiation. Because the paint absorbs less heat, a surface coated with this type of paint is cooled below the surrounding temperature without electricity. 

Two features make this paint ultra-white: a very high concentration of a chemical compound called barium sulfate – also used in photo paper and cosmetics – and different particle sizes of barium sulfate in the paint, scientists at Purdue said.

According to a news release, researchers at Purdue have partnered with a company to put this ultra-white paint on the market.


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