Texas Couple Flying To Las Vegas Did Not Realize That Their Pet Chihuahua Stowed Away In Their Suitcase Until Airline Employees Said Bag Was Too Heavy
[Twitter Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: BI]

Texas Couple Jared and Kristi Owens were checking in their luggage at the airport when an airline employee told them that their luggage was 6 pounds over the limit.

They were all surprised to find out that their dog had somehow snuck inside their suitcase.

The couple told news agencies that they were rearranging items inside their bag at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport when Icky the Dog jumped out of one of Jared’s shoes.

“We had no clue. Icky just came crawling out once we unzipped the suitcase,” said Kristi.

Eventually, Mr. Owens’ uncle came to the airport to take Icky from the couple and return her home.

The couple says they went on to win money in Las Vegas and believe that Icky’s cute escape attempt was nothing but a good omen.



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