Two heads are better than one: Researchers discover rare two-headed sea turtle in South Carolina beach.
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: WJCL]

A research survey crew in charge of keeping track of how many sea turtle eggs hatch on a beach in South Carolina were shocked and delighted to discover a two-headed loggerhead.

사우스 캐롤라이나의 해변에서 얼마나 많은 바다거북 알이 부화하는지 추적하는 조사 조사원은 머리가 둘 달린 바다거북을 발견하고 충격을 받고 기뻐했습니다.

According to the South Carolina State Park’s Facebook post, the turtle was discovered crawling out of its hatching nest on a beach 45 miles outside Charleston in Edisto Beach State Park.

사우스캐롤라이나 주립공원의 페이스북 게시물에 따르면 거북이는 에디스토 비치 주립공원의 찰스턴에서 45마일 떨어진 해변의 부화 둥지에서 기어 나온 채로 발견되었습니다.

The marine researchers worry that the turtle had a slim chance of survival in the wild but decided to release it into the ocean along with the others and let nature take its course.

해양 연구자들은 거북이가 야생에서 생존할 가능성이 희박하다고 걱정했지만 다른 거북이들과 함께 바다에 풀어주고 자연을 그대로 두기로 했습니다.

According to the Facebook page, the loggerhead sea turtle program has been in existence since 1982 at the Edisto Beach State Park and averages about 80 nests every season.

Facebook 페이지에 따르면 바다거북 프로그램은 1982년부터 Edisto Beach State Park에서 시행되었으며 매 시즌 평균 약 80개의 둥지를 틀고 있습니다.

According to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, internationally, loggerheads are listed as vulnerable, but in the United States, they are listed as threatened under the U.S. Federal Endangered Species Act.

Thousands of sea turtles hatch every year on the beaches in the southeastern U.S., but sadly, only one in an estimated 10,000 turtles will survive to adulthood.


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