VIDEO: Australian broadcaster accidentally ran a clip of a satanic ritual during a segment on police dog welfare
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Viral Vids]

An Australian broadcaster doing a segment on prison sentences for people who hurt police dogs accidentally aired a snippet of a satanic meeting while showing footage of three men standing outside a building.

The news broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation started with a segment on police dog welfare but quickly cuts to a nightmarish visual.

The odd clip shows three people on a stage, one of which is wearing a black, hooded cloak, while another is sat behind a keyboard, all next to an upside-down crucifix that’s on fire.

It is currently not known how the clip made its way to the police dog segment. ABC TV has not responded to requests for an official statement.

The footage probably came from a satanic group based in Queensland, Australia, called Noosa Temple of Satan.

The same exact clip was lifted from the 8-minute mark of one of the group’s Facebook live stream videos streamed on October 30.

The founder of Noosa Temple, “Brother” Samael Demo-Gorgon, is pushing the Australian government to allow religious classes to teach Satanism in schools, as reported by the Brisbane Times.


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