Video: Chicago police officer assaults Black woman walking her dog, investigation underway
YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Lawyers Representing Nikkita Brown]

An investigation is currently underway after a video surfaced showing a Chicago Police Officer assaulting a Black woman walking her dog.

In the video, the police officer walks up to Brown and gets exceptionally close despite her pleas for him to stay away because of COVID.

He tells her that he does not need to wear a mask because they were outside in the recorded audio.

Video recorded by bystanders shows the policeman grabbing her as her panicked dog frantically tried to help her.

Lawyers for Ms. Brown claim that other people in the park who were Caucasian were not confronted.

“This is obvious racial profiling that was brutal and unprovoked,” her attorneys said.

The Chicago Police Department responded to the video, saying in a tweet that they are aware of the video and are working with the Citizen’s Office of Police Accountability on the matter.

COPA said in a separate tweet that they are working with Brown’s attorney.


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