VIDEO: Florida man uses trash can to trap alligator, hailed as a neighborhood hero
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: WESH]

A man in Florida may have revolutionized the way we capture alligators. He used a trash bin.

The man who got so much attention is Abdul Gene Malik.

After a video spread on social media of him Tuesday bravely confronting an alligator outside the home, the unconventional wrangler became internet famous.

How famous? Even “The View” co-host Ana Navarro weighed in, reposting the video and writing, “As a Floridian, I demand to know. Somebody, please tell me why this isn’t an Olympic sport?”

In the clip, the amateur wrangler, wearing just a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals, show zero fear as he comes at a medium-size alligator with a waste container on wheels as the reptile reverses.

“Watch out, Watch out!” someone off-camera screams. A woman laughs nervously.

Malik approaches the hissing alligator and scoops it up with the container as its tail flaps violently. He then smacks the lid on the gator’s head.

Seemingly stunned, the gator is suddenly scooped up into the container; Malik pulls the bin upright with the animal trapped inside, closes the top, and wheels it away. People laugh, cheer and howl.

The man rolls it down a grassy hill, grappling with the unwieldy container, almost falling.

“Let him go, bro!” a bystander yells. “Let him go!”

Malik then drops the container on its side, and the alligator slips into bushes as the hero collects the can to applause and runs like hell. A body of water looks to be nearby.


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