VIDEO: Florida Man's 100+ Cats Taken By Authorities From His Overcrowded Pompano Beach Home

Animal advocates are looking for volunteers to adopt more than 120 cats found in a crowded and filthy home area in Pompano Beach.

David Bernstein, the homeowner, said the population of cats got out of control because he didn’t neuter his cats.

“It was getting to be so bad to sleep in the house every night with all of the cats,” Bernstein said, adding, “I simply made a mistake.”

Elizabeth Jones, of Operation Liberation, said the cats were living in such extreme filth that there was a bathtub full of feces and urine. Some of the cats were suffering from upper respiratory infections.

Jones, Kathy Kish Bieniek of the Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation, and Gina Nicole Vlasek, co-founder of The Kitty Campus, have worked with animal control in Broward County.

“What the residents are living in was pretty horrific … They were sad when we took the cats, but they knew that this was the best thing,” Vlasek said.

As of Thursday afternoon, there were still 50 cats that needed to be removed from the home.


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