Video: Hero dog dies protecting Texas family from rattlesnake.
[Facebook Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Chaffe Family]

A Texas family lost their beloved pet with the ‘heart of a bear’ last week after a rattlesnake bit and killed their 10-year-old, 15-pound terrier mix named Scooter.

Homeowner Brian Chaffe wrote on Facebook that Scooter lost his life protecting their home.

With a desire to guard his family, it’s no surprise Scooter immediately ran up to a giant rattlesnake hiding under the porch when he was let outside.

Hill Country Snake Removal said it gets “a few calls a week” on average during the spring and end of the summer into the fall.

Chaffe said he first realized something was wrong when he heard a loud yelp from his backyard on Friday around 5:15 p.m.

“I ran outside to see Scooter walking funny and Winnie barking at the porch,” Chaffe said. “I gathered up Scooter and saw a bite mark on his neck.”

Within 30 minutes, Chaffe and his wife had rushed Scooter to a veterinary clinic. The veterinarian gave Scooter antivenom, and then he was transferred to a pet hospital.

Scooter died around 2 a.m. on Saturday.

“We are sad,” Chaffe said. “Our boys, 3 and 5, are very sad and keep asking if Scooter is coming back.”


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