VIDEO: Huge alligator gulps down ANOTHER smaller gator in South Carolina backyard
[YouTube Screenshot/Fair Use/Credit: Tampa 10]

Amateur video on Twitter, posted by Taylor Soper, shows the daring moment a massive alligator violently chomps down on a much smaller gator.

Soper told USA Today that his father shot the video in Horry County, South Carolina.

“I was blown away,” Soper said. “It’s a freaking dinosaur.”

Soper said his dad was alone on Thursday when he saw the two alligators in a nearby pond.

His dad then “grabbed the camera and started recording.”
To make matters even more cyclic, Soper said he thinks his family saw the smaller alligator in the same place a weekend prior – only it was itself eating a smaller alligator.

Soper said his dad “was kind of shocked that it was happening again, let alone happening at all.”

He added that his five-year-old son and father love watching alligators together – but from a safe distance.

“I was just in shock and immediately showed my son. He’s five and just an alligator fanatic, so he went crazy over it,” Soper said.
Even his dad was overwhelmed with how many views the video had been receiving.

“He was like, ‘Holy smokes, never expected that to kind of take off the way it did,” Soper said. “He was just blown away by everything.”

The video has gone viral on social media, already receiving well over 25,000 likes and shares in a matter of days, and people have plenty to say.


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