VIDEO: Illinois Shoplifter Holding Entire Rack Of Stolen Nike Pants Gets Abandoned By Getaway Driver Moments Before Being Handcuffed By Cop
[TikTok Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: FaxIsFax]

A now-viral TikTok video filmed at a Hibbett Sports store parking lot in Illinois shows a woman trying to steal Nike pants, UNSUCCESSFULLY, and it’s all the getaway driver’s fault.  

The clip shows the aspiring shoplifter holding the stolen Nike clothes while desperately struggling to get inside the locked vehicle.


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As she knocks on the rear door mirror and screams at the driver to unlock the door, the driver instead drives away from the parking lot, leaving her stranded. 

The woman quickly drops the stolen merchandise and starts running as a cop is seen hopping out of his cruiser and chasing after her. 

The second half of the video shows the woman being led back in handcuffs by the officer.


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