VIDEO: Tourists Adopt Determined Homeless Dog After She Chased Their Car Through The Spanish Mountainside Begging To Be Rescued
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: SWNS]

A couple driving through the picturesque Spanish mountainside said they noticed a very determined small dog chasing after their car.

At first, they thought the dog was owned by a resident and was just having fun, but when the animal refused to give up, the tourists concluded something was not right.

Martina Russo told news agencies that at first, they thought it was just a game, but when the dog would not quit running after their car, they had to investigate.

Martina, who was traveling with her partner Fil, stopped to give the Yorkie-mix water, then traveled with the canine to nearby villages to see if anybody would recognize the dog.

The couple took the dog to a local vet and found out that she was not microchipped.

We searched everywhere for her rightful owner. We went on local Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, etc., but nobody came forward.

Eventually, we decided to adopt her.

Martina added that the dog is playful, funny, and loves their cats, so it was a perfect match.


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