Video: Woman Deep-Fries Her Husband's Extremely Expensive Pet Fish To Teach Him A Lesson
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: SN]

A rather disturbing video of a woman cooking her husband’s EXTREMELY rare and EXTREMELY costly pet fish has gone viral on TikTok.

The clip has racked up more than 194 thousand likes, thousands of comments, and viewed over 7.1 million times and counting.

TikToker @miakurniawan01 posted her ‘disturbing’ culinary ‘masterpiece’ along with the caption, “Fried Arowana.”

The Asian Arowana is highly elusive and, in most Asian cultures, is associated with prosperity and good luck; it is deemed the most expensive aquarium fish on the planet and is highly sought after.


goreng arwana????#fyp

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The species is so valuable that fish farms that breed and raise them have watchtowers, attack dogs, and concrete walls with barbed wire.

According to the New York Times, one fish allegedly sold to a Chinese official for $300,000.

The TikToker in the video explained that the lazy husband failed multiple times to clean the aquarium, so she took matters into her own hands and decided to deep-fry the pet fish to teach her husband a lesson.

Footage showed the woman scaling and seasoning the former pet then putting the Arowana in a wok of hot bubbling cooking oil.

The woman explained that her husband had forgiven her for the incident in a follow-up video, added the news outlet. Many viewers, however, weren’t as understanding.

For example, one commenter called the woman’s actions “messed up,” while another said she was “petty.”

According to the couple’s update, the husband is looking to purchase a new pet Arowana soon—and hopefully, this time, he’ll remember to clean the aquarium.


반가워요 ????

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