What A Wind-Fall!! South Carolina Woman Makes $4,200 A Month Selling Videos Of Herself FARTING Online.
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: This Morning/CBS]

A happily married South Carolina woman recently revealed that she makes around $4,200 a month on the internet, selling videos of herself breaking wind.

A 48-year-old former travel agent, Emma Martin, charges $4.99-a-month for customers to watch her bottom burping content.

Martin follows a specific diet specially designed to improve her farting prowess.

Her diet includes a lot of avocados, salad, asparagus, Mexican food, and baked beans.

The mother of two says she is careful to record herself only when family members are not in the house because her children do not know about her ‘career’.

Emma says she makes about $2,400 from her site each month, plus an extra $1,800 from special request videos she makes for viewers willing to shell out more money.

Emma posts an amazing three erotic videos a day for her OnlyFans subscribers, but it seems there’s never enough content for her fart-crazed fanbase.


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