Woman Coaxes A Sea Lion Off Her Boat Into Pod Of Hungry Orcas, Sparking Internet Outrage
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: Pada Pada]

A video recorded near Vancouver Island, Canada, showed the moment a sea captain shooed a sea lion off her boat after the distraught animal scrambled on board to avoid a pod of hungry orcas.

The TikTok video was posted Sunday but has since been taken down after a significant internet backlash.

The poor animal can be seen looking at the woman beseechingly as if telling her to start the engine and get them out of there.

The woman is repeatedly heard shouting at the sea lion to “Get in the water,” as she pans her camera to show three orcas circling her boat.

After nearly four minutes of pleading with the ill-fated seal, it slides off the boat, and she motors away, looking back at the spot where it dove into the water.

Many users swore that they would have acted more nobly under the same circumstances, acting to save the poor animal.


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